The Street Preacher
"The Street Preacher" by Lamar Mitchell
At the crux of any humanitarian impulse is the desire to save lives.  And since the number one killer of people under the age of 30 is some type of vehicle crash, it stands to reason that one interested in saving lives would contribute to traffic safety education.  Bruce has worked in some capacity in this industry for 11 years.  He has developed university standards for qualifying employed drivers, owned a number of commercial driving schools, and founded an IRS 501c(3) non-profit foundation whose mission it is to educate Washingtonians, both young and old, about the grave hazards associated with driving.

For the last five years, Bruce has managed the NorthStar Driving Academy, LLC of Seattle, Auburn, Federal Way and Maple Valley, and just began developing a teen driving project in Pierce County called, "U.S. Drive School."  His heart-felt mission and work ethic is to help save lives by working closely with public schools, businesses and community organizations, promoting healthy road practices for first-time drivers and pedestrians of all ages. 

Bruce has also worked on a regional traffic safety corridor project sponsored by the state's Traffic Safety Commission, lending his educational expertise in developing media and public relations events to address the serious problems of DUI and aggressive driving along the Mountain Highway corridor in Spanaway, WA.

Dustin M. Moore 12/18/90 to 9/10/07
NEW   "We're Walking Here: 
            Rally For Dustin!

A young, vibrant and creative student my wife and I have been working with through our driving academy, was tragically killed on Monday, September 10, 2007.  He recently had a leg cast removed and was on his way to a friend's home for fun and skateboarding.  Unfortunately, his path intersected with a turning dump truck and Dustin was dragged for several feet before the driver ever knew what happened. 

We are organizing a "Walk for Dustin" to commence on Saturday, September 22, 2007, at 2-5PM, in order to raise driver awareness regarding the hazards facing pedestrians in Maple Valley.  For more information, click here.