Existential RehabilitationTM

"In jedem nunc, beginnt Sein."   trans. "Being begins in every 'now.'"   



The Font of Nexus

Nexus Counseling takes place within the context of an existential rehabilitative milieu, and involves both recreating connections to the past, and reinterpreting the same in one's present Sitz im Leben ("situation in life").

As with any search for consultation or therapy, crisis of some sort typically precipitates it.  Only here, the crisis is one of "meaning" or purpose.  A person may lose track of an aspect of the developing self through prior adjustment and loss.  These detours of the "self" evolve, and a sense of dissatisfaction or malaise results.  It is often expressed as "nostalgia" for the past or a "lack of motivation" in the present.

Excavating personal meaning and purpose subsequently takes on rehabilitative qualities.  It is presumed that both embracing and heightening the experience of loss or lack of meaning will occasion thought and action in present operations.  Indeed, "existential rehab" is an exercise in thought, human development, and self-motivation.  It is for those interested in addressing unfinished business, as well as for those craving challenge as they come to realize the stagnancy of their present situation.

Accordingly, Existential RehabilitationTM combines a series of principal movements ("ERP's") actualized through years of growth, coping, counseling of others, personal therapy, self-discovery and of course, grave trials and errors.  No specific "movement" is reducible to a "principle" or notional maxim by which an exercitant can be assured of some menu or recipe that will guarantee success to emerge from crisis.  However, as with any therapeutic modality or growth steps, success depends on the determination of the individual to make good on her or his "will to meaning" (Frankl). 

The five principal movements so described in Existential RehabilitationTM form a mere systematic approach to serious personal growth and change that its developer has outlined after a 20-year long journey through the study of major contemplative traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism), proven psychotherapies (Gestalt, LogoTherapy, Rational-Emotive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Rogerian counseling), and existential success after long bouts of searing, intra-psychic struggle.  Should this "developer" also prove courageous, exercitants will learn of the specifics--both shameful and exemplary--of said struggle through the valleys, around the curves and atop the hills of life's journey that make the latter truly "personal" and "common" for any human tempting life.

Now consider your own actual or potential  "Existential Crisis."  But first click on the next musical selection.

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